Difference Between Frappe vs Frappuccino

Difference Between Frappe vs Frappuccino

What do you think about Frappe vs Frappuccino? Are they different or not?

I will be very quick with the answer. These two drinks are different. 

First, Frappuccino is a blend of iced cappuccino and milkshake and a Starbucks patent beverage.

A Frappe, an iced coffee-based drink, is often served with whipped cream or other toppings. 

Let`s see more in-depth their differences.


  1. What is a Frappe?
  2. What is a Frappuccino?
  3. Differences Between Frappe vs Frappuccino
  4. Similarities Between Frappe vs Frappuccino
  5. What is the Health Risk of Consuming Frappe vs Frappuccino?
  6. Difference Between a Smoothie vs Frappe vs Frappuccino
  7. Difference Between Frappe vs Frappuccino vs Milkshake
  8. Can You Prepare Hot Frappes Or Frappuccino?

What is a Frappe?

Dimitris Vakondios, a Nescafe employee, invented the original version of Frappe in 1957. Vakondios, a Greek employee at the Thessaloniki International Fair, searched for a way to enjoy sweetened instant coffee without heating it. Vakondios grabbed a shaker meant to be used in conjunction with Nescafe chocolate products and added instant coffee, sugar, and ice cubes, and created the first Frappe.

You will still find the drink in central and western Europe. Frappe is also very popular in Cyprus due to its close ties with Greece.

Initially, the traditional Frappe contains instant coffee combined with ice, sugar, and water. Instant coffee gives the Frappe its distinctive flavor by enhancing the bitter taste. It also increases the strength of the coffee flavor. 

Depending on the preparation technique, Frappe can taste differently, especially if you use another method of coffee preparation.

The common Frappe drink is made with coffee, milkshake, and milk, resulting in a sweet, cold drink.

The Frappe contains caffeine, unlike the Frappuccino iced beverage. The caffeine content of instant coffee varies from 27 to 173 mg, depending on the coffee beans type. The amount of instant coffee used will determine the caffeine content.

Frappe drinks are also lower in calories. A Frappe drink has 50-200 calories. The drink contains low or zero sugar. Because instant coffee is a sweetened beverage, Frappe is often made without sugar. 

A Frappe with milkshakes or milk can have 50 calories per 100ml/3.4floz. 

Ask your barista for the calorie count before you purchase your Frappe drink.

What is a Frappuccino?

Frappuccino is a blend of espresso, milkshake, ice, sugar, and various sweeteners. This iced beverage comes in many flavors.

Depending on your preference, you can also add chocolate syrup to make Chocolate Frappuccino or Caramel syrup for Caramel Frappuccino.

Starbuck created a new flavor of Frappuccino, which is not made from coffee. For example, the Vanilla Flavor Frappuccino. Frappuccino with coffee is still possible. 

That is why Starbucks offers two types of Frappuccinos – Coffee Frappuccino and Creme Frappuccino. The Coffee Frappuccinos contain brewed espresso and caffeine, while the Creme Frappuccinos do not contain any coffee. 

Frappuccino, as mentioned above, is not very common in Europe because there are so few Starbucks locations in Europe. It is, however, a household name in the USA.

The Frappuccino is high in calories due to the sugar, cream, and flavorings that make it. 

If you’re looking to lose weight, this drink could be detrimental to your efforts to achieve your goals.

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The History of Frappuccino

In 1992, the Coffee Connection in Massachusetts began advertising a new beverage. Local Harvard students quickly loved the Frappuccino, an espresso, milk, and sugar blend. Coffee Connection began making this drink using granita machines but switched to soft-serve machines.

Starbucks is here to help. The chain began testing a similar drink around the same period. Starbucks used a blender to make the drink faster and easier than a soft-serve or granita machine.

Starbucks acquired Coffee Connection in 1994 and its most loved drink, the Frappuccino. Starbucks quickly registered the name and began distributing the Frappuccino throughout the country.

Differences Between Frappe vs Frappuccino

The most significant distinction between the frappe vs frappuccino is the Ice cream. Frappuccino is close to a milkshake, in which you mix vanilla ice cream and hot coffee to create a delicious bubbly drink topped with cream.

Frappes are a simple drink using the convenience of instant espresso and water. However, there are so many different variants. You can also add milk, ice, cream, or brewed coffee instead of instant coffee.

While frappuccino is a standard formula, the frappe will be everywhere. You can find wildly different frappes from across the nation based on your location.

There are a few distinctions between these drinks. I’ve discussed the differences in-depth in this article. Therefore, feel free to browse.

Type of Coffee they use

Both drinks are coffee-based. The frappuccino typically has coffee, but Starbucks offers several variations without coffee.

To prepare a frappe, you will have to use instant coffee. Using anything else will not produce the thick foam or the darker hue.

This is because the initial recipe of the frappe is with instant coffee. It enhances the bitterness and strength of the coffee’s flavor. 

It was invented or created accidentally during an instant coffee convention.

So, if you’re looking to stick to the original recipe, head out and buy a cup of instant coffee. Anything will suffice. 

A Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino contains brewed coffee. Instant coffee isn’t common in this drink because it will give a different taste.

Cold-brewed coffee is often utilized, as it’s the most sensible option for making an Iced Coffee drink.

However, you may discover the frappuccino that contains a shot of espresso or a small amount of filter coffee. Starbucks offers the frappuccino with espresso or coffee-based. 

Making your frappuccino is entirely dependent on you and your personal preferences.

Frappuccino and Starbucks

Frappuccinos are specific drinks, and you can find them only in Starbucks. 

In the beginning, it was coffee-based. Later it was quickly adapted to satisfy the customer’s needs, which is how we came to frappuccino drinks that don’t contain coffee at all.

The recipe for the frappuccino isn’t made public by Starbucks. However, it’s typically an ice-based drink that mixes the ingredients of cream and ice in a blender, and then it’s designed to be topped off with whipping cream.

You can add the syrups of as many coffee flavors as you’d prefer and sprinkle the whole drink with your desired toppings.

The Frappe, however, isn’t owned by anyone. However, it is closely connected to Nescafe.

This coffee company employed the person who came up with the frappe idea. He used the instant espresso to make the beverage.

It doesn’t have a particular recipe in terms of ratios and the exact amount of this.

Caffeine Content

A frappe is always a source of caffeine, no matter the serving size. If you’re heavy on instant coffee or just add a little it, you’ll be getting at the very least caffeine.

If you were to make any other type of coffee – like brewed coffee – you’d have a different outcome.

In terms of the caffeine content of frappes, it’s dependent on the amount of instant coffee you mix in. On average, instant coffee contains around 63mg of caffeine. The amount ranges from 27-173 mg, based on the coffee beans used to make instant coffee. In contrast, the moderate caffeine in brewed coffee is 92mg

The size of a frappe is typically as big as 8 oz, not including the ice cubes or any other cream or milk. 

Frappuccinos often contain caffeine, and sometimes they do not. It’s all dependent on what you’re purchasing.

For instance, Starbucks’ Strawberry Frappuccino has no caffeine since it doesn’t contain coffee.

Contrarily, the Espresso Frappuccino is about 165 mg of caffeine per Grande (16 oz), according to the Starbucks website.

Starbucks can prepare Frappucino with Espresso and coffee.

There are a variety of frappuccinos that you can purchase. Make sure to check to see if there’s coffee included in it if not certain.


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Frappuccinos contain lots of cream and sugar

The way that the Frappuccino is made places it in a high calories count.

Starbucks baristas prepare Frappuccinos with cream, sugar-sweetened, flavored cream, various syrups, and simple syrup.

This means that you’ll get a delightful and delicious beverage, which is the opposite of what you should drink if you are trying to lose weight.

In terms of the Frappe, it’s a little lower score.

Instant coffee contains low calories. The majority of the beverage is water, frozen, or liquid, and sometimes there is sugar. 

The Frappe is often served without sugar whatsoever to enjoy the immediate coffee flavor and feel refreshed in the summertime, as was the purpose behind it.

Certain frappes contain milk, which equals about 50 calories for 3.4 oz.

Another variant of a frappe uses vanilla ice cream in place of milk. It gives the entire drink a higher calorie count. For example, an average scoop of vanilla ice cream is the equivalent of 137 calories. You’ll rarely find more than 1 scoop of ice cream per serving.

Certain ice creams are less fat, but they also have more sugar, and their calories will be even.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to speak with the barista or waiter about how you prefer your Frappe.

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Frappes are more European drink

One of the things about frappes, aside from not having the same recipe as other drinks, is that it’s an essentially European drink.

It was developed in Greece and is very popular in the country.

A large portion of people in South and East Europe know this drink quite well. In other regions of Europe, like Central and West, the drink is less well-known. Because fewer Starbucks stores are across Europe (compared with the U.S.), that’s not that surprising.

For those in U.S. the frappe is more obscure and is often mistaken for the frappuccino. 

In contrast, the frappuccino is not so well-known in Europe as the frappe because there are not so many Starbucks stores in Europe.

Frappes Were Traditionally Made Without Cream

The topping on traditional frappes was created using the foam made during the mixing process—no whipped cream.

It’s a shame to buy the frappuccino without cream. 

The whipped cream is the ideal method to finish it off and gives the appearance of a cappuccino. You could sprinkle some cocoa powder and still enjoy a tasty, well-balanced drink.

Frappes Can Be Made With A Whisk

If you want to create the frappuccino at home, you require a blender. The ice must be blended so that it has that creamy texture.

In contrast, if you want to prepare a frappe, you could use a whisk, whisky together, cold water, coffee, milk, and some sugar. Pour this blend over ice cubes, and you will end up with Iced Frappe.

It is preferable to use an electric whisk. 

Note that if you don’t have enough water, you’ll make Dalogna coffee, which people have been posting on social media, and it gets stiffer, and you can serve it with milk.

Similarities Between Frappe vs Frappuccino

Apart from the similarity of their names, what makes them confusing?

You will add ice or blend ice at some point in their preparation, which makes them both iced drinks. They are great for summer because of their iced nature.

This brings us to the other similarity: both Frappes and Frappuccino work well in summer. They provide a refreshing effect and an energy boost.

The drinks also have similar flavors, and you can mix them with milk, coffee, or water. 

Both drinks are large. Starbucks cup sizes for Frappuccino are 12, 16, or 24 oz. While the cup size for Frappe is around 10oz.

What is the Health Risk of Consuming Frappe vs Frappuccino?

You are at risk of developing severe health problems if you overindulge in Frappe and Frappuccino. 

First, these sweet drinks have high sugar and high calories. Over-drinking Frappuccino can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure.

A high-sugar diet can also stimulate your liver to release harmful fats into the bloodstream. Both of these conditions can lead to heart disease. 

Additionally, both drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine can increase energy metabolism in the brain and decrease cerebral blood flow. It may cause problems with the function of the Adenosine receptors—the adenosine-receptors control your brain activity. Adenosine production slows down brain activity when you’re awake. Your brain eventually feels exhausted, causing sleepiness. The adenosine levels in your brain decrease when you’re asleep, which promotes wakefulness.

Also, Frappe coffee leads to an increase in blood lipid levels.

A long-term intake of caffeine can cause sleep disruptions by affecting the function of adenosine receptors. The brain eventually adapts to produce more adenosine, and you will need more caffeine to stay awake. You may feel fatigued if you stop taking caffeine.

To avoid becoming addicted and reduce health risks, you should drink your Frappe, Frappuccino, or other coffee drinks in moderation.

Difference Between a Smoothie vs Frappe vs Frappuccino

While both smoothies and Frappe or Frappuccino might appear to have the same consistency, there are significant differences between the two drinks.

In the beginning, while most drinks contain coffee, milk, ice, ice cream, and various flavors and toppings, smoothies are mainly composed of fruits and vegetables.

A further distinction is that while otherwise a smoothie is thought to be a healthy drink, drinks with ice like Frappuccino, for instance, aren’t nutritious due to their high calories. 

Some smoothies contain nuts, seeds, coconuts, and almonds, which enhance their health-enhancing properties. 

Iced drinks are, however, drinks that contain sweet flavors like caramel.

In a deeper examination of their differences, there is a limit to the flavors you can include in your chilled coffee drink. Some smoothies include Ice cream and coffee; however, you cannot include vegetables in a coffee drink. But a smoothie lets the user explore other options.

Difference Between Frappe vs Frappuccino vs Milkshake

The issue of the distinction between Frappeor Frappuccino as well as milkshakes remains unanswered for quite a while. A milkshake, Frappe, and Frappuccino are indeed three different drinks.

You can see the differences in their ingredients and preparation methods. The milkshake can be described as a mixed drink of milk and added syrup. Milkshakes come in many flavors according to your tastes, ranging from vanilla to strawberry and chocolate.

To make the sake of a Frappe or Frappuccino, it is something more in it other than just milk and syrup. It also includes coffee, ice cream, coffee, and various toppings.

Additionally, you can drink your Frappe without sugar. This isn’t an option when you drink milkshakes. 

When you prepare Frappuccino or Frappe, you can experiment with many ingredients. But, when making the milkshake, you’re only allowed syrup and milk.

Can You Prepare Hot Frappes Or Frappuccino?

Both drinks combine various ingredients like cold water and ice. Therefore, under no circumstances is it possible to create the hot Frappes and Frappuccino. This is why they are iced drinks.

Some people believe that the espresso in the Frappuccino drink could cause the drink to become hot. It is not. If you try to make the drink hot using any hot liquid, you will end up with an entirely different drink with a distinct taste. 

If you’re searching for a hot flavor of Frappuccino, you can purchase an espresso from your local bartender.

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