How To Get Free Coffee At Starbucks: 16 Tricks

How To Get Free Coffee At Starbuck

Have you ever run out of money for your favorite Starbucks drink? Not very pleasant. And, frankly, the prices on their menu are relatively high. What is the solution? I had periods when I counted pennies to buy food. At times like this, Starbucks coffee was just a mirage.
In order for us all to save some money, I have prepared 16 easy tricks with which you can get Free Coffee At Starbucks.
There is nothing more to delay.
Let’s start the search for Starbucks free cup.


  1. Get Free Coffee At Starbucks: 16 Hacks
    • Use The Starbucks Loyalty Card For Free Beverages
    • Get Free Starbucks On Your Birthday
    • Add Free Syrups, Shots Of Coffee And Whipped Cream
    • Get Three Small Coffees For The Price Of One
    • Get Cheaper Iced Lattes
    • Skip The Queue At Starbucks
    • Save Money Every Time You Buy A Drink
    • Get More Drink For Your Money
    • Use Swagbucks
    • Bet on Surveyeah
    • Use InboxDollars
    • Try Life Upswing
    • Seek Drop
    • Attempt Shopkick
    • Check Out Groupon
  2. Saving Money on Coffee Adds Up

Get Free Coffee At Starbucks: 16 Hacks

Starbucks has become a worldwide phenomenon. Baristas who work there fill those cups with beverages similar to the liquid gold we constantly want. That is why everyone wants to taste and drink even more of it nowadays.

To your surprise, there’s even a “secret” Starbucks menu where you may get beverages that no one else knows about. We all want to be members of this “superclub” that everyone dreams of joining. Another dream is to receive free Starbucks coffee there.

So here are a few additional Starbucks tricks to keep in mind so you may save even more money and improve your whole Starbucks experience.

Get Free Starbucks Coffee

One of the best ways to study while enjoying a cup of Starbucks is to blend the two. It’s hard to believe there isn’t a more straightforward method to go through a complete essay in a single day.

Unlimited free refills are included in the price of a filter coffee. The one-time cost covers all of your refills, so just show up in the morning and pay.

When I was in university and the library was closed, I took full advantage of this idea by spending the whole day studying at Starbucks. Those moments have been one of my favorites for my entire life. I remember very well the feeling after having Starbucks-free coffee for the whole day.

Use The Starbucks Loyalty Card For Free Beverages

You can’t go wrong with the Starbucks Reward Card since it’s absolutely free. Using your Reward Card every time you visit Starbucks will earn you a free drink when you reach 150 points.

For every 1 dollar you spend, you’ll gain a three-star rating. Your next drink is free once you reach this level.

Ask your friends and relatives to scan your cafeteria card when they arrive so that you may obtain your Starbucks free coffee much faster.

Get Free Starbucks On Your Birthday

A complimentary drink on your birthday is available to Starbucks Reward Cardmembers who have reached the Gold level! What a pleasant surprise.

To achieve Gold status, you must amass 450 stars. You’ll need to spend a lot of money (around £150) to get to Gold status since you gain three stars for every 1 dollar you spend. It’s helpful to understand what’s available if you’ve already arrived (or are very near).

For the record, we all like birthday freebies. Not only do you get a whole day to yourself, but you may also get a slew of goodies from corporations, such as free Starbucks coffee.

Add Free Syrups, Shots Of Coffee, And Whipped Cream

Among the perks you’ll get as a Gold Level Reward member are free shots of coffee, milk substitutes, whipped cream, and a variety of complimentary syrups.

Even if it’s a little perk, it’s still a perk, and they are costly additions to an already overpriced beverage. Yes, you won’t receive an absolutely free drink, but it is still something extra to your purchase.

Get Three Small Coffees For The Price Of One

Unfortunately, Starbucks is notoriously costly, particularly if you want a Frappucino. In many cases, opting for a larger drink might save you money.

The largest Frappucino is always a favorite of mine, and I always get an extra two or three Starbucks Tall cups to go along with it. While it may be a little pricey, this is a good option if you have a group of people who all want the same drink (or if you’re okay with having the same drink since it’s cheaper). Absolute winner!

All that’s left is to argue about which drink you’ll have this time…

Get Cheaper Iced Lattes

Are you a fan of Starbucks Iced Coffee? These days, iced lattes cost an arm and a leg (why are they that expensive?). So getting the most bang for your buck is critical. Additionally, the flavor of coffee from a professional coffee shop cannot be replicated at home. Then saving money on it is an added plus.

I recommend starting with a double shot of espresso, followed by a complimentary cup of ice and a free refill of milk at the side counter.

To save 70 cents on each iced latte you brew using this technique, order three times, and you’ll be close to having enough money to purchase the real thing for free by the third time around.

Skip The Queue At Starbucks

What’s the point of waiting in line when you can order and pay for your drink right from your phone? Nobody likes to wait in line, so call ahead of time to avoid the hassle.

Downloading and using the Starbucks app is all that is required of you. Once you arrive, all you have to do is give the name on your order when the waiter asks.

There is a two-minute window to enter the shop, get your beverage, and be ready to consume.

Save Money Every Time You Buy A Drink

It sounds good to save money at Starbucks (and help the environment) every time we purchase a drink. It’s as simple as asking for a refill on your own reusable cup instead of receiving a throwaway one. You’ll save 25 cents on each transaction you make afterward.

You’d save even more money if you were going to get a drink to go anyhow. Bringing your own cup to Starbucks means you’ll save 30 cents per drink — a 5 cent fee on a paper cup!

After a few purchases, you’ll be able to redeem your points for a free Starbucks.

Get More Drink For Your Money

When you order a cold Starbucks drink with ice, you’re throwing away valuable milliliters.

The most straightforward approach to deal with this is to ask for your drink without ice, even if you’re just missing a few sips of your favorite beverage.

Alternatively, you may request a cup of ice after they’ve poured your drink if you’re genuinely missing having ice in your beverages. A few initial swallows will leave you with enough space for a few ice cubes. You can thank me later for that Starbucks free coffee.

Use Swagbucks

It’s so easy to get complimentary beverages with Swagbucks! Swagbucks gives you a portion of your money back for every purchase you make via the site. It is now possible to utilize that “free” money to purchase your Starbucks without paying a cent. 

You’ll also get a lot more freebies if you get your money back!

Bet on Surveyeah

Do you like answering surveys? Who doesn’t want to be one of those individuals? No matter how easy it is to create money, it’s all about finding ways to do so. Sitting on your sofa at home and doing surveys is a simple and convenient way to make some additional cash.

Surveyeah points may be exchanged for gift cards that can be used at companies online and in person. You may redeem your points for a $10 Starbucks gift card after you’ve accrued a total of 1,000 points.

Use InboxDollars

As with Survey Junkie, InboxDollars is a great way to make money from your inbox. It’s possible to get even more free gift cards by doing both! You’ll earn more free Starbucks coffee by completing more surveys.

Your body could be filled with Starbucks coffee if you’re really active on the site. 

Try Life Upswing

Another easy method to get free Starbucks is via Life Upswing. Downloading and using the Ibotta app on your phone is all you need to collect cashback on purchases made via their website.

After that, you may exchange your money for a Starbucks Gift Card. This is how you can quickly get your Starbucks free coffee!

Seek Drop

Are you interested in getting free Starbucks by doing almost nothing? Just download the Drop app, and you’ll receive a $5 Starbucks gift card right now. As long as you follow a few more basic measures, nothing should be a deal-breaker.

Attempt Shopkick

Shopkick is a terrific software that allows you to earn gift cards by surveys. What’s more? It’s possible to get a Starbucks gift card with any of those alternatives. Are you taking Starbucks surveys? Certainly!

It’s a quick and easy method to get access to a slew of useful features. While it may take some effort, doing surveys on your phone and putting in the time can pay you in the long run.

Check Out Groupon

The Groupon model for offers is well-known, so it comes as no surprise that the company will acquire more Starbucks for free than any other method.

You’ll have to keep an eye out for these offers on Groupon, but you can sometimes buy a $10 Starbucks card for $5, which is the equivalent of receiving a free drink at Starbucks for the rest of the week. In addition, Groupon sometimes offers vouchers for complimentary beverages and food.

Saving Money on Coffee Adds Up

At Starbucks, there are a few ways to save money on your coffee. Always double-check with the shop closest to you to ensure that the information you get is correct.

Drinking during their happy hour might save you a lot of money! Those who like a mid-day coffee break may now do so while saving money.

You may also save money at Starbucks by purchasing their coffee and brewing it at home. There are bags of coffee available for purchase at the supermarkets, which may either be pre-ground or include whole beans that you can grind at home.

While the price of the bag might be a bit more elevated than what you find at stores, don’t forget that you’re spending on Starbucks! This is no ordinary coffee! But step back! Take a stare at how much you’re spending on a single cup of coffee during every visit. You’ll find that it can be much cheaper to purchase coffee from Starbucks this way. 

Finally, buy smaller sizes and make the necessary adjustments after that. It’s possible to obtain more caffeine by ordering a smaller cup of coffee at Starbucks, but you’ll have to pay more for it. The reduced size of the drink will save you money every time you buy a Starbucks beverage.

Last Words

I hope you will be able to apply some of the tricks described in the article.
My favorite is the Starbucks refill cup. Since I often ordered lattes, I hadn’t noticed this trick. But on the other hand, I’ve always wondered why Starbucks is full of students who study and spend most of their day there.
For the price of a coffee, you will have a co-working space plus a refill of your coffee cup until you leave Starbucks.
Cool right?

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