How To Use Nespresso Machine: Full Guide

How To Use Nespresso Machine

You want to buy a coffee machine, but you are most interested in how to use the Nespresso machine? And I often approach it that way. Once I focus on a particular model, it is always crucial to know exactly how I will use the device.

In the case of the coffee machine, I ask myself questions like – what are the main components of the Nespresso machine? How to take care of the Nespresso machine to serve me faithfully for a long time? The latter is essential if you want to enjoy perfect coffee from your favorite Nespresso machine for a long time.

For your convenience, I have prepared a table with the best Nespresso machines (if you haven’t decided on a model yet).

Let’s start.


  1. Best Nespresso Machines
  2. List of The Best Nespresso Machines of 2022
  3. Basic Components of a Nespresso Machine
  4. How to Get the Most Out of Your First Experience with a Nespresso Machine?
  5. How To Use Nespresso Machine
  6. Proper Care for Nespresso after Making Coffee

Best Nespresso Machines

Coffee drinkers who do not want to pay $1,000 and devote a whole kitchen to a professional barista setup may find a buddy in Nespresso. The Swiss firm has created espresso machines for the house since its founding in 1986. They all employ the company’s proprietary pod-based system – choose your favorite coffee flavor, insert the pod, and have a cup of joe in no time.

As a result, there are already more than a dozen distinct Nespresso machines. Drip coffee makers, single-cup brewers, French press coffeemakers, and coffee accessories such as coffee grinders and travel mugs have been tested for decades by the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab. Before narrowing down the best espresso machines on the market, several factors are ease of use, time to brew, and taste and noise level.

These Nespresso machines have not been rigorously tested in a lab. At the top of my list are simple devices to operate, have helpful features, and consistently produce excellent espresso. The machines created a hot, smooth cup of espresso with depth that wasn’t too acidic or harsh. It was with velvety crema without any visible giant or tiny air bubbles. Is it time for you to discover your new favorite? Then let’s explain how to use the Nespresso machine.

List of The Best Nespresso Machines of 2022

Here, you can find a list of the best Nespresso machines according to many different criteria. Let’s look at them.

Best Overall Nespresso MachineNespresso VertuoPlus
Best Value Nespresso MachineNespresso Essenza Mini
Best Nespresso Machine for Lattes and Cappuccinos Nespresso Creatista Plus
Best Compact Nespresso MachineNespresso CitiZ
Best Smart Nespresso MachineNespresso Vertuo Next
Best Nespresso Machine for BeginnersNespresso Gran Lattissima
Best K-Cup Compatible Nespresso MachineInstant Pod
Best Portable Nespresso MachineWacaco Nanopresso
Most Customizable Nespresso MachineNespresso Creatista Pro
The best Nespresso machines of 2022

Basic Components of a Nespresso Machine

Before starting making coffee, you should know the different components of each Nespresso machine. In the following lines, you will see them and why they are essential for the best beverages.

  • A tank of water. You may use it to brew your morning cup of joe.
  • Lever/Head. A lever unlocks the capsule holder. Lifting the head of a vertuoline machine provides access to the capsule chamber. To dispose of a used capsule, just raise the lever or the head.
  • Capsule holder. This is where a Nespresso capsule should go.
  • Control buttons. There is usually a “Lungo” button and an “Espresso” button on Nespresso classic machines. Since they automatically identify the size of the capsule and brew the proper-sized cup, VertuoLine machines only have one control.
  • Drip tray. A fold-out drip tray and a detachable one at the bottom are standard on several Nespresso machines from the past, such as the Nespresso CitiZ. The VertuoLine and several devices from the original line and newer models all feature a single drip tray that can be adjusted.
  • Wastebasket. Each wasted capsule in a Nespresso machine is automatically ejected into an integrated trash basket when the lever or head is lifted. The basket for used capsules is usually located on the machine’s side.

How to Get the Most Out of Your First Experience with a Nespresso Machine?

After understanding the main structure of the Nespresso machine, you should know a few tips for preparing the best coffee. Where to start from?

Flush your Nespresso machine before using it for the first time to get rid of any undesirable tastes or aromas that can affect the taste of your espresso. Rinse the water tank and the lid under a running tap after removing it from the device. Rinse the frother cup well before using it. Replace the tank’s water with the best water for coffee makers.

Adjust or remove the cup holder to accommodate a big mug (approximately a liter) beneath the coffee outlet. Make sure there is no capsule in the Nespresso machine by lifting the lever.

When you first switch on a Nespresso Original, you’ll see the espresso and lungo buttons flicker alternately. Press the lungo button, and the machine will dispense the water. Repeat the procedure three times to ensure that the coffee machine is thoroughly cleaned.

It is necessary to shut and elevate the head of Nespresso VertuoLine to turn it on. When the machine is ready, the button will begin to blink. After pressing the cup symbol three times, the device will pour water within two seconds.

It’s now time to start brewing coffee in your machine. If you haven’t used your Nespresso machine in a few months, run these cleaning cycles to keep your coffee smelling and tasting great.

How To Use Nespresso Machine

I’ll focus on the Original series of Nespresso machines. Other models in that series are the Creatista, Latissima, Essenza, and CitiZ. Although these machines are a little different, they still do the majority of the same things.

I’ll show you how to make the ideal cup of coffee with these devices. Making coffee takes about the same amount of time and effort. If you’re ready, we can start right away with the brewing!

Step 1. Turn on the Machine

You can’t do anything until the machine is not working. It should begin heating and preparing for brewing as soon as you turn the device on. Compared to other coffee makers, this one heats up in 25 seconds. After the machine has heated up, it will go into sleep mode if you don’t start brewing. If you don’t want to use the device while in sleep mode, you can switch it off.

Step 2. Prepare for the Brew

You need to perform three things before brewing a cup of joe. The first step is to remove the old coffee pods from the brewer. You may proceed to the following step if there are no pods in the machine. If there isn’t any, fill up the container with filtered water.

It is time to enter your beverage by lifting the pod-holding lever. Ensure you have it before you begin brewing.

So long as you have a machine that accepts aluminum pods, you may recycle them. It’s impossible to reuse them once you’ve used them, but they may be recycled. There is a Nespresso mail-back scheme if you don’t have the opportunity to reclaim the pods yourself.

Add a cup to the drip tray at this point, and you’re all set. When you begin the brew, the coffee will automatically flow into the cup, so be sure to select the cup there.

Step 3. Place Cup

A variety of cup sizes are available. You may pick between espresso and lungo sizes, and some machines even provide a ristretto option. Before beginning the brewing process, make sure you have the appropriate cup size.

It’s possible to employ barista-style recipes on the machines. These pre-set recipes may be used to make some of the best coffee you’ve ever had.

Step 4. Start the Brew

To make a specific-sized cup of brew, just press the button that matches your preference. There is no need for you to manually add water to the water container. The machine will do this for you. Pressure is also used to brew coffee in the machines.

Automatically, the machine will begin dripping your cup with hot water as soon as the coffee is ready to be brewed. To obtain your caffeine hit, you should wait one minute.

The so-called precision brewing technique is used by the Nespresso machine of the Original series, which you should be aware of. The coffee is brewed with the aid of an 18-bar pump. Using this pump, you may make coffee with a powerful aroma and a rich flavor. You’ll also get a tiny amount of crema on top of your cup of joe.

Step 5. Froth Some Milk (Optional)

A built-in frother is also available on certain Nespresso machines. The milk may be heated and frothy by using a frother. To froth the milk, divide it into a separate container.

It should take around 20 seconds to get to the foamy stage. Stop foaming the milk when you notice it approaching the desired consistency. Then pour the milk into the cup.

You don’t have to drink your coffee with milk if you don’t like it. You can always add milk or sugar to the coffee when it comes to sweetness. No matter whatever method you choose, the coffee will be delicious!

Proper Care for Nespresso after Making Coffee

Making coffee is accessible by using the Nespresso machine. But we should be aware of how to enlarge its life. So, let’s take a look at a few pieces of advice about that.

Eject the Spent Capsule

When the lever is pressed, the expended capsule is automatically ejected and placed in the basket. Release the pod after brewing coffee even if you don’t need to prevent coffee dregs from seeping out and developing ponds in the container.

Depending on how frequently you use the machine, you may need to empty, rinse, and dry the wasted capsule basket every 1-2 days. Stale pods are a breeding ground for germs, which may spread to other parts of the machine.

Rinse the Machine

To ensure that your coffee maker is ready for your next brew, perform a brew cycle with simply water after you’re done brewing for the day. Do the rinse cycle I outlined previously, but just once.

Regular Cleaning

The drip tray should be cleaned from time to time to prevent mold growth and algae. To erase fingerprints from the Nespresso machine’s outside, wipe the machine’s exterior.

According to the manufacturer, descale your Nespresso every six months or after brewing 600 cups of coffee.

Auto Shut Off

However, you may set the timer on your Nespresso coffee machine to stop after nine minutes of brewing.

The power connector may be removed from the power source once the day’s brewing is done if you want to conserve even more energy. This way, you will enlarge your’s Nespresso machine’s life.

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