What Is A Breve Coffee?

What is a Breve Coffee from Dash of Vigor

What is a Breve coffee, and how do you make one? Is it the same as a latte in terms of taste? What are the components of this beverage? Or what is the difference between Breve and Latte? Can you find Breve in Starbucks?

Everyone enjoys a good Latte. Suppose the stats from Starbucks are any indication. In that case, coffee consumption will continue to rise in the years to come, according to the company. It’s not necessary to limit yourself to the world’s most popular milky espresso beverage, though.

Try the Breve tantalizingly delicious coffee when you want something different. It takes the delightful flavor of a Latte or a Cappuccino. It elevates it to a whole new level of sophistication.

This article will go over all you need to know about this delicious beverage, so keep reading.

So let’s dive into the cup of Breve and explore what it is 🙂


  1. What is a Breve Coffee?
  2. The difference between Breve vs Latte?
  3. What is Breve at Starbucks?
  4. What you will need to make a Breve Coffee?
  5. How to prepare Breve Coffee at home?
  6. TIPS For the Perfect Breve Coffee
  7. What’s Breve Coffee Like at Dutch Bros?
  8. F.A.Q.

What is a Breve Coffee?

A cup of Breve is an espresso-based coffee drink prepared with two main ingredients – espresso shot and the so-called “Half & Half”. And what does “Half & Half” mean? It is a perfect blend of half whole milk and half cream. The topping is Milk Foam, and the taste is creamy and delicious.

Caffè Breve in a nutshell:

  • Espresso
  • Half and Half (half Whole Milk and half Cream)
  • A lot of Milk Foam for topping
  • Its taste is richer, creamy, and delicious

Many people believe that this coffee is the Americanized version of the Italian Caffe Latte. It may serve as an excellent replacement for your regular Cappuccino or Latte while you are on the go. The most significant distinction between the two coffee specialties is that the Italian café latte has milk. At the same time, the Breve has milk and cream in it. This Americanized version varies in many ways from the Italian tradition. But it retains the name of the coffee that originated in Italy.

Preparing this coffee is similar to making a nice latte. After you’ve finished steaming the half and half, pouring the foam into your cup last is the key to success. Using this barista technique, you can guarantee that your coffee has an extra creamy texture.

The difference between Breve vs Latte?

Latte and Breve coffee are drinks based on espresso shot at the bottom and a thick layer of milk foam on top. The main difference is in the middle layer. Latte has only steamed milk in the middle, while Breve coffee is half and half (half milk and half cream).

  • The presence of “half&half”: Latte uses Espresso and whole milk, while Breve uses Espresso, half Milk, and half Cream.
  • The ratio of dairy to Espresso: In Breve coffee, it is 1:1, while in Latte is 2:1.
  • Serving: The pure Breve coffee is a small beverage, around 6 ounces cup. Latte is typically a big coffee that you could receive in a mug, glass, or cup.

Milk texture: In Breve Coffee, the milk is steamed with no texture. In Latte, the milk is with texture to become a microfoam.

IngredientIt uses half & halfIt uses whole milk
Dairy to Coffee Proportion1:12:1
Form of DairyMade with creamer,utilizes entire milk
Ideal Serving Size4 ounces6 ounces
The end product of milkMilk for a latte is finished to become microfoammilk for Cafe Breve is steamed, yet at the same not finished.  
Difference between Breve vs Latte

PROS and CONS of Lattes

Most of us have tried a Latte coffee. Compared to Breve coffee, Latte is more popular and easy to prepare. It is also so simple to order and to drink.

Let’s see what the Pros and Cons of Latte Coffee are.

PROS of Lattes:

  • Easier to make

The Latte has two main ingredients (espresso and milk), making it incredibly easy to prepare. It is also quite popular, and most coffee machines have preset settings for making lattes. If your coffee machine does not have such settings, it is enough to have an espresso machine or other gadget that can foam milk.

  • Simple requirements

Another advantage of latte drinks is that no specialized equipment is required to make them. You can order this drink in any cafe, as they are equipped with everything you need for the whole process of making a latte. If you have decided to make Latte coffee at home, you will need coffee, milk, and a frother.

  • Harder to mess up

If we compare a coffee latte with making brew coffee, then a Latte is much harder to confuse. If the top layer of milk is messed up and not frothy enough, you will get a cappuccino. But if you messed up when making Breve coffee, you will get a bad-tasting beverage.

CONS of Lattes:

  • Not as smooth

As I mentioned earlier, a coffee latte is relatively smooth because of the milk foam but not smoother than Breve coffee. Also, with two shots of espresso and milk foam, the Lattes are not particularly sweet. This often results in using additional sweeteners to compensate for the taste mismatch. In comparison, Breve coffee has only one shot of espresso, milk, and cream, which makes it taste sweeter.

  • Too common

If you are one of those people who love specialty coffee, you will be able to distinguish the tastes between two cups of coffee. You will determine the origin of the beans in the drink, the texture, and the aftertaste. Most people, however, cannot find the difference in tastes at this level. Latte coffee is not a pure espresso whose taste you can enjoy in this line of thinking. Milk is added to it, and not in small quantities. This makes it an extremely ordinary drink.

PROS and CONS of Breve Coffee

Breve coffee has the same foamy milk thickness in the top layer as Latte. However, this type of coffee is also quite different from Latte. Its peculiarity in the making is the so-called “half & half”, which in turn gives it several advantages:

PROS of Lattes:

  • Expert Knowledge

Some of the most popular coffee drinks are Latte and Cappuccino. Breve coffee is not so well known, and even in some places, baristas cannot do it for you. This is often seen in boutique and smaller specialty cafes, where they use milk and its dietary substitutes but do not offer cream in any form. 

Also, when you visit a cafe, when you ask for a breve, you will check if the barista knows coffee drinks well. 

If the barista does not know this drink, it will be pretty risky to try to make it for you, even if you tell him all the ingredients. As I wrote earlier, it is effortless to confuse breve coffee, which always leads to an unpleasant taste of the drink.

  • Smoother

Due to its ingredients, Breve coffee feels thicker and smoother when drunk. This is because of the “half and half” and the presence of milk and cream. Note that the type of cream chosen for making this coffee is critical.

  • Sweeter than Latte

Due to the cream ingredient, Breve coffee is significantly sweeter than a Latte. This is the case if you do not add any sweeteners. 

But, if you decide to add sugar to your Breve or Latte, the sweetness changes. If you do not like your drink sweet, you can replace the regular thick cream with a neutral taste cream. 

  • Almost no change in the taste

Suppose you decide to replace plain milk with one of its alternatives, such as soy milk, the taste of the Latte changes. This is due to the large amount of milk and the size of the cup when making a Latte. 

Unlike Latte coffee, if you change the ordinary milk to soy milk in Breve coffee, it will not reflect the taste. Because we have the so-called “half and half”. This does not mean that you will not feel a slight change in flavor. There is change, but it is slight.

CONS of Lattes:

  • More Calories

The calories in 100ml of whole milk vary depending on the brand you bought. They can be between 61 calories (kcal) and 96 calories (kcal). Latte Coffee is made up of espresso and milk in a 6 Ounces cup. This is approximately 103 calories (kcal).

Breve Coffee consists of espresso and “half and half” (half whole milk and half cream). This makes approximately 221 calories in a cup of 6 Ounces.

Cream, half and half130
Cream, half and half, fat-free59
Cream, heavy whipping345
Cream, light196
Cream, light whipping292
Whipped Cream257
Type of cream and its calories
  • Harder to prepare

It is challenging to aim the best temperature for making “half and half” for Breve coffee. It may be either too cold or too cold if something goes wrong. Both options will lead to unpleasant taste.

  • Harder to find

In most cases, if you go to the cafes and order Brive coffee, you will get a bizarre look. To avoid any confusion with your drink, just order Late by replacing the milk with “half and half”. Also, keep in mind that not every coffee offers cream, and without cream, making Breve becomes mission impossible. Even Tom Cruise won’t be able to help you: D

What is Breve at Starbucks?

In Starbucks, there is no special drink called “Brеve” or Brеve in combination with something else. If you decide to order it, you will receive a cup with “half and half” without coffee in it. 

So when you’re at Starbucks and want to drink “Breve” Coffee, just order Latte or Cappuccino Breve. The barista will understand that you want to replace the milk with “half and half”. In both cases, you will get the desired coffee. 

Of course, the Starbucks menu is rich in beverages, and you can choose the drink you want and just ask for Breve. 

The easiest option would be to order a single or double espresso (depending on how much you want to wake up) and ask for steamed half and half (Breve).

Aside from picking a drink based on espresso, you can also choose milk. Starbucks provides various options ranging from 1 percent to 2 percent and soy milk. You can even purchase soy milk with vanilla flavoring.

A Starbucks drink also contains numerous syrups. The variety of syrup tastes is practically limitless, with options such as vanilla, caramel, cinnamon dolce, hazelnut, toffee nut, peppermint, raspberry, classic, mocha, white mocha, Tazo chai, and Teavana Oprah chai among the many options available. Those are just the usual tastes; there are also sugar-free variants of each.

Remember that there are a variety of seasonal flavors available for your coffee drinks as well. Pumpkin spice, caramel brulee, gingerbread, sugar-free peppermint, peach, and blackberry are just a few of the seasonal tastes available.

What you will need to make a Breve Coffee?

Drinking a breve with your buddies in a coffee shop is the ideal way to spend an afternoon. In contrast, you can also make your breve at home very easy.


Espresso and half-and-half (not heavy cream) are all that’s required to make this delicious beverage.


Using an espresso machine with a built-in steamer can make this beverage. It is also possible to use a Nespresso machine.

You may also heat it in a small pot on the stovetop. But it would be best if you were careful not to let it boil or simmer. The optimal temperature is about 65 degrees Celsius. Then, using a hand frother or a whisk, froth the mixture.


For the perfect cup of Breve coffee, I advise you to use a dark roast. It perfectly combines with the richness from the “half and half”.


Choosing the Best Water For Coffee will increase the quality of the Breve.

How to prepare Breve Coffee at home?

Steam and froth the half and half

Begin by filling the coffee jug “half and half”(milk and cream). The combination of breve milk and cream is the most critical component of a great coffee drink. Blend them together to form the half and half. If you choose, you may use oat or even chocolate milk for the steamed milk if you like it.

After you mix the products, use your wand steamer to steam the milk to 60-70 degrees Celsius. If the temperature rises beyond that, the cream will begin to curdle.

Make the espresso

To create an espresso shot, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using your espresso machine or Nespresso maker. Remember that this is the time when your tastes are important, so stick to what you like. A bigger or lesser breve may be obtained depending on the intensity of your espresso shot.

Suppose you want to create breve coffee at home. In that case, I suggest using either Brazilian, Guatemalan, or Ethiopian coffee beans, depending on your preferences. Their rich and well-balanced taste will enhance the sweetness of the half and half. Your coffee will have an abundant and varied aftertaste due to this technique.

Pour the heated half and half

Pour the half and half mixture into the cup you have previously poured the espresso. Do not stir the mixture. Pour the hot half and half into the cup, keeping the foam at the back of the jug. Add as much or as little as you like to make your favorite cup of coffee.

You may have difficulty creating art. That is because there is an excessive amount of foam on the surface of the coffee cup.

Add the foam

The last stage in the preparation of the breve is to incorporate the foam on top. Swirling the milk jug creates art, something only a trained barista can do. If you are still learning, use a spoon to transfer the foam from the jar to your cup.

Because the milk quickly reduces the bitterness of the coffee, you should not need to add any sweetness.

You are, however, allowed to experiment with any flavoring syrup or keto-friendly sugar substitute of your own.

Additionally, you may decorate your lovely cup of tea with cinnamon, nutmeg, or cocoa powder sprinkles if desired.

TIPS For the Perfect Breve Coffee

The breve recipe is not difficult to prepare. It should not need too much work on your part to complete it. To prevent damaging the most excellent taste, you must pay attention to various factors of the Breve recipe. Here are a few steps that you should take into consideration:

  • Ensure that the coffee grinds you use are of a fine consistency. Each variety of coffee requires a different ground, and finer grinds work best for espresso.
  • Coffee grinds stored for more than three weeks will lose their taste. No amount of technology or packing will be able to prevent this. When learning how to create a Breve Latte, always use coffee grinds between three and two weeks old. That will help you to reach the best results.
  • While brewing the espresso, gently push the plunger to ensure a smooth extraction. Intense pressure or doing it all at once ruins the flavor.
  • Do not take too long between steps in the Breve Latte recipe, such as after preparing the espresso or foaming the milk. Once you begin, finish the recipe in one sitting. Leaving the espresso or frothed milk in the cup for an extended period might degrade the consistency and taste of the latte.

What’s Breve Coffee Like at Dutch Bros?

In the United States of America, Dutch Bros is a well-established drive-through coffee chain with locations. Many individuals are drawn to the brand by its affordable prices and high-quality customer service. That accounts for its enormous number of loyal consumers and followers. 

However, new consumers may first be intimidated by the wide variety of beverages available. Everything served at Dutch Bros includes their Kick Me Mix. It is a half-and-half blend that goes under a different name from the one you’re used to seeing. 

Compared to other beverages made with conventional milk, they have a creamier consistency and less consistency. They will prepare it using nonfat milk instead of ordinary milk if you specifically request it.


Is Breve strong coffee?

In a 30g shot of Espresso, there is around 64mg of caffeine.
Breve coffee is as strong as the number of espresso shots are added to it. The coffee itself is made with a shot of Espresso, but more can always be added to make it stronger.

Is breve better than Latte?

Both Breve and Latt have espresso and milk, but the milk is combined with Cram in breve. Because of that, the Breve Coffee is creamier, fluffier, sweeter, and richer than Latte coffee. But it also has more calories than Latte.

Is a breve sweet?

Due to both milk and cream, Breve coffee is naturally sweet. Sweeteners can always be added to make it even sweeter. It all depends on your preferences.

Does Breve mean half and half?

Only the Breve has half and half. At Starbucks, if you order Breve Coffee, the barista will make a cup with “half and half”. A combination of Whole Milk and Cream.
Most cafes do not have Breve coffee on the menu, so it must be ordered separately and explained. To avoid confusing the order, it is good to order Latte coffee with “half and half”.


In Italian, the phrase “Breve” implies “short”. This tasty breve coffee will only last a brief period. But it will provide you with a Lungo (long) quantity of energy to stay you throughout the rest of the day. This beverage has now established itself as a must-have for many coffee enthusiasts who also have a sweet taste. This drink may be obtained from various local establishments, including Starbucks, or made at home.

If you want strong coffee with cream over milk, breve is a fantastic place to start. If you prefer whole milk over heavy cream, you should stick to a standard latte made with steaming milk. This specialty coffee treat is still fantastic despite losing some of its Italian roots owing to Americanization. Do not wonder anymore about the question “what is a breve coffee”? You should try it!

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