Coffee With Salt: What you need to know

Coffee With Salt - What you need to know

Have you ever heard that some people drink their coffee with salt? At first, it is a shock, right?

When I first heard certain people like their coffee with salt thought about why they would want to do this. There are actually many advantages to adding a pinch of salt to your coffee or ground beans before brewing your coffee. 

Let’s dig in.


  1. Why Do People Drink Coffee With Salt? 
  2. Coffee with Salt: The Science behind it
  3. Coffee With Salt: The Benefits
  4. How Much Sodium is in Coffee?
  5. How Much Salt Should I Add to My Coffee?
  6. Black Coffee With Salt Before A Workout
  7. Does Salt Reduce Bitterness In Coffee?
  8. F.A.Q.

Why Do People Drink Coffee With Salt? 

Initially, I was wary of putting a little salt into my cup of coffee. However, it’s actually a good idea.

You’ll likely be pleased with the outcome if you don’t exceed the minimum amount.

Here’s why you might like to drink that coffee with salt.

  • A little bit of salt is a good idea because it can impact the perception of flavor since it helps reduce bitterness in your coffee cup. If you put the correct amount, this spice will not make your coffee overly salty. Instead, it will enhance the taste by neutralizing the bitter taste and increasing the sweetness. So adding salt to your coffee is a great idea, as it will improve your Joe’s taste, even without sugar.
  • Salting your coffee can be beneficial for those who are intermittently fasting or following a low-carb keto diet. 
  • Salt can improve your health by reducing the likelihood of feeling lightheaded due to low blood pressure and maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance.

Coffee with Salt: The Science behind it

Several studies confirm the bitterness-suppressing effect of salt.

The sodium channels in our body’s epithelial cells absorb sodium ions (atoms that carry electric charge created by that salt) from our taste receptor cells. They inform our brains that something is salinity.

But that’s not necessarily all salt does. Salt isn’t the only way it can alter our food taste.

It also blocks the sense of bitter substances and increases the sweetness of our drink or food.

It’s the reason that most dessert recipes use salt as a key ingredient.

Many people dislike drinking black coffee due to its bitter taste, which is more prominent in darker roasts. 

It is also important to note that Robusta coffee beans are more bitter than Arabica beans. The fact that the darkly roasted 

Robusta is the most popular could be why many people are unhappy with the coffee’s bitter taste.

Because of that, people put in their black coffee milk, sugar, or creamer to eliminate the unpleasant taste. Adding salt in place of one of the mentioned condiments has been proven to be an extremely effective option that boosts the sweetness of coffee and lessens the bitter taste.

Coffee With Salt: The Benefits

So, the most important reasons to add salt to your coffee are as follows:

  • Coffee with Salt has no bitterness
  • Give a more balanced flavor
  • Coffee with Salt has health benefits
  • Good for Keto Diet and Fasting

Let’s examine these reasons to add salt into coffee in greater in-depth!

Coffee with Salt has no bitterness

The main reason to add salt to your coffee is to lessen the bitterness. Although some people love bitter coffee, you’re inclined to possess a neutral taste and less inclined to drink a lot of bitter brews.

It also blocks the sense of bitter substances and improves the sweetness of the drinks or food we consume. People use sugars to cover the bitterness, but salt is far better at masking bitterness than sugar.

Adding salt to the coffee allows sodium to effectively block bitterness and enhance its taste when you drink the coffee. 

Different varieties of coffee beans and various brewing methods produce different degrees of bitterness, and the amounts of salt required to offset bitterness differ. However, better quality coffees will have more refined flavors (and less bitterness and acidity in the coffee drinks). This means that less salt is required.

Give a more balanced flavor

Why does salt make the taste better? If you’re looking for answers to that question, you’re in the right piece of information, as salty coffee is sure to be a perfect match for your tastes!

Traditionally, we use sugar or other sweeteners in coffee to “enhance” its taste. 

But although salt is commonly used to season many other food items and beverages, it’s seldom utilized in coffee. If you’re a fan of a taste for savory food and not an addiction to sweets, coffee with salt is the ideal combination and is an excellent alternative to sugar.

Furthermore, neutralizing bitterness by adding salt isn’t just beneficial for those who resent bitter beverages and those seeking the most balanced brew. The salt creates a smoother flavor that’s lighter, and for many people, it is much more enjoyable to drink than a bitter drink.

Coffee with Salt has health benefits

There are benefits for health that come from adding added salt to coffee. The body requires sodium to regulate blood pressure and carry out essential organ tasks (without the salt, we’d perish).

One of the most significant health benefits is when salt substitutes for sweetness. It’s because salt has no calories. Not only will salt provide extra flavor to your coffee, but it will also mean that you don’t need to feel guilty for drinking it!

Salt is a great option if you’re looking for a way of spicing your coffee while embarking on a diet plan or reducing your sugar intake due to health. This is especially relevant for those who suffer from high blood sugar levels since it’s an easy modification that could transform your life.

Good for Keto Diet and Fasting

If you’re on a fasting schedule or just want to cut down on how much sugar you drink, drinking dark coffee with just a little salt could be a perfect choice.

Salt is a vital mineral that can help you prevent lightheadedness caused by ketogenic diets low in carbs or long periods of fasting.

A little salt to your drink or coffee during fasting or when being in ketosis can be beneficial to keeping an electrolyte level within your body and causing you to feel more active.

There is evidence that the long-term use of low-carb diets can reduce your body’s capacity to store sodium. To minimize the negative side effects, you might consider adding a pinch of salt to your coffee or water.

However, adding salt has positive effects on people’s health and well-being.

In addition, caffeine’s stimulant effect is also a factor in this keto-friendly coffee is the ideal pre-workout beverage.

How Much Sodium is in Coffee?

Before considering how much salt your beverage has to create the perfect flavor balance, it’s crucial to determine the amount of Sodium already present in your coffee. The amount of Sodium in a cup of coffee is 5mg.

This is contingent on the type of bean. However, it is generally low. The brewing process extracts various minerals and other nutrients from the beans. 

Take a look at the caffeine content of coffee, which averages approximately 64mg of caffeine per cup. You’ll be sure there won’t be any real salt in your beverage if you add it yourself!

How Much Salt Should I Add to My Coffee?

If you check out the James Hoffmann video, you will find fascinating information about coffee with salt. 

Instead of directly adding crystalized salt into the coffee, Hoffmann created a solution with a set salt concentration dripped through the cup.

He observed that adding 0.3g of a saline solution with a 20% concentration dramatically enhanced the flavor and mouthfeel of a poor-quality instant coffee.

In addition, an expert in coffee roasting Scott Rao found that 0.15g of salt per 100g of brewed coffee gave the best tasting results, both for filter and espresso.

Alton Brown suggested adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt for every 6 teaspoons of coffee ground. But, you are free to test until you’ve found the best solution for your needs.

It doesn’t matter when you add salt or drink only one cup of coffee daily.

You have always been careful with the amount of salt. Salt can increase the enjoyment of food to a certain level, and then the salt content decreases.

Then a “pinch” or a “dash” could be excessive if you add it directly into your cup.

The best method of making salted coffee is to add salt to the coffee grounds. Be careful not to overdo it. As you may have learned from other experiences with food and drinks, salt can become overwhelming if you add excessive amounts.

If you’re adding salt to your coffee for the first time, you can start by adding the salt in a pinch. If you like the flavor of the coffee with salt, then add more salt until you’ve reached the ideal threshold for your taste!

Black Coffee With Salt Before A Workout

It will help you burn fat

Drinking coffee before exercise can result in fat cells being utilized as energy sources instead of glycogen. Additionally, the large quantities of caffeine present in black coffee increase the rate of metabolism, making you consume greater calories over the day. 

Additionally, caffeine and other components in coffee can stimulate appetite and reduce overall consumption.

Increases the athletic performance 

Numerous studies have proven that caffeine consumption before exercise can increase athletic performance. Athletes could train at higher performance and/or exercise longer after caffeine consumption

A study shows that, on average, people who had coffee before running for 1500m on the treadmill could complete their exercise 4.2 seconds more quickly than the control group. If you want to get an edge during your workouts, coffee could be what you’re looking for.

Improve Focus and Alertness

Alongside the increased energy to endure tough exercises, black coffee can provide an increase in mental clarity in addition. Increased alertness and focus can help ensure that workouts are efficient and productive.

It will help decrease muscle pain during workouts 

Those who drank coffee before exercising had less muscular pain during exercise than those who did not drink coffee. You’ll be able to do more reps using greater resistance during your weight-training sessions and also run faster and for longer.

Does Salt Reduce Bitterness In Coffee?

Here’s a list highlighting the impressive advantages of putting salt in the coffee.

  1. Counteracts bitterness. The sodium ions block your taste senses from recognizing bitter flavors, which neutralizes the coffee bitterness. 
  2. It is a way to freshen up stale water. If you leave water inside your machine for a prolonged period, it will eventually be stale. Also, the coffee you drink is only as good as the water you use. A pinch of salt in the right places can make the water quality more appealing. Salt also makes the water denser, which leads to coffee with a thicker texture.
  3. It lets out the coffee’s natural flavor. When you use salt, you don’t need to worry about not getting the flavor of the coffee. Salt does more than preserve the taste. It improves the taste of your coffee beans’ existing flavor.
  4. It’s a fantastic sugar substitute. This is ideal for you, particularly when you’re trying to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. If you add salt, it will taste equally good.
  5. Salt in coffee health benefits. The best part about coffee is that it’s extremely healthy due to its important nutrients, such as magnesium and numerous antioxidants. Coffee is also a great way to combat brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, there is an opportunity to miss the advantages if you use lots of sweeteners, syrups, and creams. Salted coffee is an efficient method to substitute these ingredients while enjoying almost all the benefits of coffee. 


What happens if you drink coffee with salt?

Salt naturally enhances the sweet taste of coffee while maintaining pleasant scents. It is an excellent alternative to sugar and milk if you are sensitive to bitterness, even with specialty coffees using salt.

Is it healthy to put salt in coffee?

One of the greatest health benefits can be seen when salt has used as an alternative to sweeteners and sugars. This is because salt is free of calories. It’s not just that salt will provide extra flavor to your coffee, but it will also mean that you don’t have to be guilt-ridden about drinking it

Why do sailors put salt in coffee?

Desalination units found in World War II-era vessels that converted seawater into drinking water were not 100% effective in removing sodium from the water. The coffee was left with a slightly salty taste, so sailors grew familiar with the flavor.

Does salt neutralize acid in coffee?

Salt does help your cup of coffee! But how do you add it to your coffee? Based on Alton Brown, adding 1/4 teaspoons of salt from kosher to 6 tablespoons of ground coffee neutralizes acidity and bitterness in coffee. It also increases the inherent sweetness.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many reasons to like to drink the coffee you drink with salt.

In terms of the kind of salt that you’re adding, lots of people prefer to add Himalayan (or sea) salt to their coffee instead of table salt.

The reason that Himalayan salt is considered to be the healthier choice is that it is richer in trace minerals than table salt. But Himalayan salt is mainly sodium chloride, and the small amount of salt that we use in our coffee doesn’t have a major impact on the range that we consume in terms of mineral content or the, consequently, on our overall health. 

Please comment below if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts with this post 🙂

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